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Unleash your leadership potential today! Terry's coaching can help you find your unique style and voice, opening doors to greater business success. Don't wait - start your journey now.

Books by Terry

Grow to the next level with these books!


You Are Worth More!

Unlock your true potential and start earning what you deserve. Get "You Are Worth More" by Terry today and learn how to monetize your unique value in any market. Don't wait, invest in yourself now.


Jesus's 9 Ways to happy!

Discover the secrets to true happiness with "Jesus's 9 Ways to Happy" by Terry Wilson. This life-changing book offers practical strategies inspired by Jesus' Sermon on the Mount. Order now and start living your happiest life today!


The Startup Guide to fast success

Looking to start your own business? Don't make the same mistakes as most startups. Get "The startup guide to fast success" and learn how to structure your business, develop a niche, gain clients, and avoid out of control costs. Start your journey to success today!


Insta-business from Instagram

Unlock the power of Instagram for your business with 'Insta business from Instagram.' This A to Z guide will show you how to target the right clients and grow your brand. Order now and start seeing results!


The beginners guide to have fun with funnels

Ready to boost your sales? Download Terry's eBook now and discover the ultimate beginner's guide to building effective sales funnels. Get started today and watch your profits soar!

Health is Wealth!

Prosper in your mind, soul, and body!

Discover the secrets to a healthier and happier life with Terry Wilson's latest book, "You Can't Out Run a Donut." Learn how mindset, movement, meals, and maintaining can transform your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Order now and start living your best life!



Develop the skills to build and grow your team and business.

Identify your values and goals

We'll help you clearly define where you currently are and where you want to be.

Establish work and life balance

We'll help you develop a plan of action that maintains your work/life balance.

Move past your blind spots

We'll help your expose and isolate unseen past challenges.

Learning how to Manage stress

We'll you offer tools and techniques to gain success quickly and mitigate stress.

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When I think about Terry, I think about the comeback kid!


Cliff Ravenscraft

Mindset Coach

I love your sound, look, and voice. Keep putting your message out in the market. It's not only positive but practical and needed.


Ray Edwards

Copyright Expert

Working paycheck to paycheck is hard. Starting your own business is hard. Choose your hard! Terry you've made that choice a lot easier.


John Lee Dumas


Terry you've made a huge impact in my life. I am so grateful that God has put you in my life


Leslie Graham


Terry is like the Southern Columbo. I love the way you see things and I need people like you in my world.


Neil O'Reilly


Terry I love your show and all you do for the music world. Keep putting your voice out there and stay baaaadddd!!!


Bill Champlin

Lead Singer of Chicago

Office: Boiling Springs, SC

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